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It's finally happened.

I finally snapped and bought myself World of Warcraft last weekend.

I like the game play. I like the colorful world. I like that the community actually talks and interacts with each other.

I'm enjoying myself.

I'm a hypocrite. I've gone to the Dark Side.

Sorry, world. I know you'll forgive me someday.
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I finally got around to playing and beating Portal. That game is easily one of the best games I've played in a very, very long time.

I think I was put off by it at first because of the whole "OMG THE CAKE IS A LIE LOLOLOLOL" meme that was floating around the internet when the game was first released. Yeah, it's a fun little bit in the game, but really, it's not as hilarious as people thought it was; there were other quotes that were far more humorous. Oh, well.

I'm glad I finally played it, though. I highly recommend Portal to anyone. A+.

On an unrelated note, Ness told me yesterday that he ordered my birthday present and it'll be here in a few days. I'm a bit WTF about it because my birthday isn't until December - why so early? I have no idea what it could be, either... he's not giving me any hints.

Speaking of birthdays, I still need to figure out what to get him for his birthday. Argh.
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Beat this, Piranhas. :P

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Dead Air, playing with Ness and two public players. The guy playing Louis did shoot me in the back twice, but it did no damage. Other than that, I was untouched.

Of course, it was on Normal, but I don't trust many public players on any difficulty above that.
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It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of EA (with rare exception). I could rant all night about EA's shoddy support, broken games, and money-grubbing ethics, but I won't. Instead, I'll just let this speak for itself:

Sexual Harassment for Fun and Profit!

The advertisement on Twitter has been removed (haha), but, fortunately, Kotaku was kind enough to save it for the world to see.

So thank you, EA, for objectifying women, alienating your female and gay gamer demographics, and continuing to stereotype people who play video games.
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After whining for weeks about not having a good multiplayer game to play (I canceled my LotRO subscription until I'm sure we're actually saving money each month), Ness finally got me to break down and try Left 4 Dead.

I think I'm now an addict.

Despite being an FPS (and I suck pretty hard at FPS games), I'm having a hell of a lot more fun with Left 4 Dead than I ever did with most MMOs that I've played. It's refreshing, simple, easy to play, and it's always a different game each time, thanks to the AI director.

I think one of the main reasons I like it so much is that a lot of teamwork is involved in playing the game - you can't be the hero. MMOs are about teamwork as well, but, from my experience, it takes a lot of solo play to reach a point where your character is useful in a group (and if you're a dime-a-dozen DPS class, good luck finding a group). Even though I'm pretty new to it, I feel like I'm still contributing in some way, even if it's just healing a teammate or running away from a Tank so that everyone else can kill it.

I also like the fact that there's a female character in this game, and she's not sexualized like most female game characters are (I'm looking at you, Ivy... and Lara, and Rayne, and the entire cast of Dead or Alive). It may be shallow, but playing a female character helps immerse me in the game, so I'm happy to play as Zoey. My favorite character is Francis though (because he's a smart-ass), but Zoey is a close second.

My only problem is that I still have some issues going through doorways. I'm used to a third-person perspective, where I can actually watch my character go through openings and avoid any obstacles. First-person is taking a lot of getting used to, but frankly, I'm having so much fun with the game that I don't care if I suck or not.

But yeah... Left 4 Dead is fantastic.
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The Sims 3.

Released tomorrow.

Release date shipping/delivery from Amazon.

Can't wait.

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I finally got around to messing with my journal layout. I found a nice one over at [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, so here we are. There were a few problems with Photobucket, but I got it all figured out. I like it a lot, so yay.

Putting in the layout also gave me a chance to look into how Dreamwidth does their specific HTML tags; nice and easy to remember! I always get confused with LiveJournal's system, since I never remember which tag uses dashes or whatever (lj-user vs. lj user, for example).

Mother's Day came and went, and while I never did manage to make anything for my mom, I did find a few things at the store for her. I ended up buying her The Pursuit of Happyness, along with a movie theater-type bucket of pop-it-yourself popcorn and a pair of fuzzy aloe-infused socks. She liked it well enough, but I'm hoping to actually give her something handmade next year, though I honestly don't know what. Sigh.

This week has been pretty uneventful. My computer is partially borked due to something that managed to make it past my anti-virus, causing it to be unable to update and error randomly (which causes my browser to stop responding until I restart my PC). I also can't open my registry, and Google searches get randomly redirected to ad sites. It's a bit of a mess, but it'll hopefully get taken care of soon. As for now, my anti-virus is uninstalled and that's taken care of the issue temporarily. I can't say that I'm too comfortable with that, though. I feel like I'm running around naked on the internet.

Oh! I also picked up Grand Ages: Rome the other day. It's a pretty fun game, though definitely more of a city builder than RTS. The graphics are lovely, and I love being able to zoom right down to street level and watch my citizens go about their daily lives.

I'm also playing catch-up on Animal Crossing: City Folk. I barely played the second half of April and all of May due to the grass deteriorating so quickly. This week I caught myself up to May 1st by doing a log in/log out for a few game days, and then running around collecting fruit and stuff to sell for a game day (along with writing letters to everyone). I made sure to play around on the game's holidays; Bunny Day was a waste, but at least I made some extra cash by selling the furniture. I'll probably catch myself up the rest of the way this weekend.


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