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It's been awhile. Again.

I always tend to do this with online journals. I mean, I check both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth every day, but it seems like I never have anything to write about. If I do manage to write about anything, it usually tends to be related to gaming somehow.

Maybe I should work on that. New year, and all that.

All in all, the holidays were pretty uneventful. I got a deep fryer for Christmas, along with a few shirts and some lotion. My parents also took everyone out to Olive Garden for my birthday, which was pretty fun since only Ness and I had eaten there before (my family can be a bit picky about food that isn't just meat and potatoes... yay, farm life).

New Year's Eve weekend was also relatively boring. Ness and I stayed at home and played games most of the weekend. We also went to the grocery store, which normally wouldn't be worth mentioning, but it was the only time we left the house since Friday. I know, I know... we're so exciting.

I also had my Lord of the Rings Online account stolen this weekend. Once I hear back from Turbine, I'm canceling my account... I just can't be bothered to start over from scratch right now. Maybe I'll get some motivation later.

On the bright side, cutting down on my MMO time will give me a chance to get started on some craft projects I have planned for this year. I'm taking part in a few crochet-alongs on Ravelry, which should help me get a head start for this year's Christmas gifts, along with a craft show or two that I'm planning on participating in. Most of my crochet-along projects are still in the planning stages; I need to choose yarn colors for an afghan square and a shawl, along with picking out a different shawl pattern for another group. I also have a scarf and pair of fingerless gloves to finish for my "just for funsies" projects, but those shouldn't take too long to complete.

Oh, well... here's to busy fingers in 2010!


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