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So, my new computer arrived on Tuesday. My old one crashed on me one too many times (apparently it was just a hard drive issue), and I needed an upgrade anyway, so here we are.

I ended up getting a bad stick of RAM with it (which the company is sending a replacement for), but still, I love this new machine. I'm on Windows 7 now, too, which runs like a dream. I like how organized everything seems to be; even Paint looks awesome. :P

The machine was purchased from CyberPower PC for around $1,500. It's a very good computer for the price, and without all the proprietary crap that other PC companies pile on. Highly recommended.
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I finally got around to messing with my journal layout. I found a nice one over at [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, so here we are. There were a few problems with Photobucket, but I got it all figured out. I like it a lot, so yay.

Putting in the layout also gave me a chance to look into how Dreamwidth does their specific HTML tags; nice and easy to remember! I always get confused with LiveJournal's system, since I never remember which tag uses dashes or whatever (lj-user vs. lj user, for example).

Mother's Day came and went, and while I never did manage to make anything for my mom, I did find a few things at the store for her. I ended up buying her The Pursuit of Happyness, along with a movie theater-type bucket of pop-it-yourself popcorn and a pair of fuzzy aloe-infused socks. She liked it well enough, but I'm hoping to actually give her something handmade next year, though I honestly don't know what. Sigh.

This week has been pretty uneventful. My computer is partially borked due to something that managed to make it past my anti-virus, causing it to be unable to update and error randomly (which causes my browser to stop responding until I restart my PC). I also can't open my registry, and Google searches get randomly redirected to ad sites. It's a bit of a mess, but it'll hopefully get taken care of soon. As for now, my anti-virus is uninstalled and that's taken care of the issue temporarily. I can't say that I'm too comfortable with that, though. I feel like I'm running around naked on the internet.

Oh! I also picked up Grand Ages: Rome the other day. It's a pretty fun game, though definitely more of a city builder than RTS. The graphics are lovely, and I love being able to zoom right down to street level and watch my citizens go about their daily lives.

I'm also playing catch-up on Animal Crossing: City Folk. I barely played the second half of April and all of May due to the grass deteriorating so quickly. This week I caught myself up to May 1st by doing a log in/log out for a few game days, and then running around collecting fruit and stuff to sell for a game day (along with writing letters to everyone). I made sure to play around on the game's holidays; Bunny Day was a waste, but at least I made some extra cash by selling the furniture. I'll probably catch myself up the rest of the way this weekend.


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